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University, Mentoring and Training

Throughout my career I have developed ideas via training others (Nurses, Psychiatric medical trainees, hosptial doctors, GPs, general managers, community workers and others).


Topics have included communication, stress managment, therapy, total quality management and medico-legal skills.

Group therapy
face to face
Total Quality in health care

I have provided a series of Master Classes for lawyers, barristers and insurers.



















More information of these can be obtained from me.

I have contact with many universities in the UK and elsewhere, collaborating on training and consultancy projects.

These have included:

  • University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC), USA

  • Stockholm University, Sweden

  • Birmingham City University, UK (Visiting Professor in Law and Psychology)

  • University of Bristol, UK (Visiting Professor, Life Sciences)

I continue to teach and mentor under-graduates and post-graduates.

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